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So last saturday I went on a trip to Alexander Palace or Ally Pally as its known :) to go to the Intermational Make-Up Artist Trade Show and I loved it!! I hadn’t much money to spend (would have loved to have bought loads but all I could afford was a pair of lashes for a Japan themed make up look I’m doing that are really cool!) so instead focused my attention on the speakers.

I managed to catch the end of of Neill Gorton who was creating an incredible prosthetic ogre/gorilla man and showing painting techniques that was very detailed considering the limited amount of time that he had. He used a clever piece of equipment that used electrical energy to attach hair and stubble to the model, leaving the hair charged so it stood up. This reduced the time it takes to add hair by a large amount and would be very useful for a film when doing make up on extras as well as the key actors.

I went to watch Terry Barber ( a key artist at MAC) talking about technical beauty, he wanted to create a look with the light coming at the face from a different angle as he feels front light has been over done. He wanted to deconstruct the make up to make it more beautiful and thinks that perfection is the new trashy. The make up he applied to his model worked to sculpt the face and hollow out the eyes, contouring was a key aspect of his design.

A very popular talk which I managed to catch was  Nick Dudman who was the creative force behinf Harry Potter for both the make up and animatronics. In the hour they had he turned Warwick Davis into Professor Flitwick from the films. It was amazing to watch a well known actor being changed into his character but it did show that alot of time is needed for prosthetic make up as the piece wasn’t fully finished. I did learn that using alcohol on the edges of prosthetic pieces helps to blend them to the skin, that pieces need to be done at different densities according to where they are being placed on the face, more moveable parts of the face need shallower pieces. Also to create realistic eyebrows they threaded the hair through the piece individually as this meant they had better movement than with lace.

The final speaker I caught was Valente Frazier who talked to us about Red Carpet make up and was such a nice and friendly speaker. Alot of the time he opened it up for questions from the audience. I found watching him  quite calming and though he didnt do an over the top look I enjoyed listening to all his answers.

I think from IMATs I have learnt to experiment, to diversify my kit and not be kept to just one make but to open my ideas up to all different products as you should never put all your eggs in one basket! Also there were some amazing looks being created and I can’t wait to go back next year!

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